Ryan States

Dallas Voice

"Travelin' man" - Interview.

Strange Town, sideman, performing. 

Queer Voices - Pacifica Radio Houston

Pacifica Radio - KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston. Interview and performing 3 songs live with Chicago's Ian Murphy on guitar. Short 25 minute version.


[January 2011]  Best of the Year Show

"Immigrant (Fish Out Of Water)" got played in Part 1. 


Audiofile 2010 Year in Review. I was among eight artists that they selected from the year. 

Chicago Tribune RedEye

[Circus PR with 2 photos] "Extensive travel was a selling point for Ryan States, a keyboardist originally from Flossmoor. States, 36, has spent the past six years on the road with Ringling and considers the train on which they travel and live home. States even produced an album--a throwback to '80s pop and rock--from a portable studio while criss crossing the country on the train."


[Album Review]  "...modern day Lucretius traveling the countryside trying to figure out the universe. “I Will Find My Way” is a post-gospel realization...

 “I’ll Give You (What You Want)” ...the true highlight to the album.

This is an album about a guy trying to make it and creating normalcy in an environment that is anything but ordinary." 

This Way Out

[Strange Town coverage 23 minutes into the podcast]  "Persistent Voices" & New Queer CDs  

"...the world's only syndicated weekly LGBT radio program" 

This is a program that I love. I started listening to This Way Out over ten years ago. 


[Featured Album] My album is featured on Part 1 of the May installment of OutRadio. I did a phone interview discussing the songs on Strange Town. This is the radio program that originally inspired me to create 'out' music, so I am very honored to be a guest. The transcript of the broadcast is available here

Sea Of Tranquility

[Album Review] 4 Stars "...the music was recorded in train yards between stops with the circus... feels like you are accompanying Ryan on a journey through his life.... remarkably personal set of songs... presented in such a charming musical setting... sparsely sympathetic arrangements and the 80's feel pop rock that evokes everything from Jackson Browne to Julian Lennon... moving from Middle America to The Big Apple, his gentle view on his religious past... instead of dominating the music he uses his keyboard skills to punctuate the gentle beats and themes to great effect... Strange Town is a maturely constructed collection of musical and lyrical thoughts... Not the happiest album you'll ever come across, but all the better for it."

This review didn't get all of the facts right. I did not play any 6-stringed instruments on the album. The amazing guitar work was performed mostly by Cameron Morgan who played electric and acoustic guitars. Additional guitar work was performed by Scott Myers, Kevin Breuner, Jonathan Blazer, Pat McGrath, and Steve Goodie. For complete credits download the cd art

Present Magazine

[Album Review] "The record pays homage to influences such as The Eagles, Ben Folds Five, and Fleetwood Mac. Modern pop-rock songcraft with adult contemporary appeal comes into play on these sparse guitar-driven songs with flourishes of piano and horns for more lush numbers. "Immigrant (Fish Out of Water)" is a prime example of States' earnest vocals cast over a rollicking beat, nimble guitar, and piano... the album has an Eighties feel and sound by design." Includes a link to "Immigrant (Fish Out Of Water)"


[Featured Interview]  "There's no homo in homogenous..."

"I just put out something that major labels haven't bothered to give us.  And I did it on my mac in a train yard."

"Under The River" still haunts me because it's still true... when we perform on Long Island the circus train travels under the Hudson, under Manhattan, through Penn Station and under the East River...  I'm literally looking out my bedroom window and watching my dreams fly by."  

"I want to do what Michael Jackson and John Lennon did, write songs about peace and love... I want to take the spirit of folk music into other genres."

Queer Music Heritage

[Out Radio] Click on [2] at the top of the page. I have two songs halfway into the broadcast. 


[Album Review] Melissa Minners at G-Pop, "... hopeful and spiritually uplifting... an inspiration for those who have yet to come out... Although Ryan States alludes to his music as 80’s pop/rock, I find that much of the music of Strange Town would still fit in today’s world... sounds a great deal like the Counting Crows with those soulful vocals "

Racket Magazine

[Album Review] "...mixture of earnest piano, jazzy guitar and insightful lyrics... States' clarion voice that evokes Julian Lennon more than Ben Folds... some of the best parts of Strange Town are the studio musicians...  a throwback to good ol’ fashioned 80s easy listening... an album that is as rich and honest as the train tracks States has traveled."


[Free download] They're giving away "In The Game" which is track #3 from my album. 


[Featured Interview] An in-depth Q & A. I honestly don't know where they found those horrible old pictures of me. Some of them were taken during long train runs and I hadn't even showered because the showers were locked. 


[Album Review] "...delivering a modern-rock meets adult alternative collection of earnest, honest pop-rock craftsmanship.  Though guitar driven, the songs also prominently feature piano and horns... a very 80s feel and sound to it, which is a direct goal of States, who wanted to make an out record that shined a light on a time when Out Music wasn’t necessarily that ‘out.’"


[Album Review] "'Strange Town' begins with just Ryan and a piano before the ballad grows... by the end of the song, it sounds like an orchestra was invited to join in."

ESD Music & Bullz-Eye

[Album Review] "Guitars jangle and chime (and occasionally shred), the piano hops like a New Orleans beer hall"


"Ryan States Releases First Album Recorded And Mixed On A Circus Train"

CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast

The round table discussion (follow-up) to my earlier interview. Listen for it about 17 minutes in. "Exquisite Corpse"-styled recording... LOL

CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast

[Featured Interview] 25-minute phone interview on recording an album on a train, long-distance musician collaborations and success/failure stories. They play final album version of "Immigrant (Fish Out of Water)". 

CD Baby DIY Musician Podcast

At about 43 minutes into the podcast they talk about remote recording being the way of the future. Kevin discusses recording his guitar part in Portland and sending it to Ryan to be mixed in his train room studio. They play a rough mix of "Immigrant (Fish Out of Water)" with Kevin Breuner on acoustic guitar. 

Windy City Times

"(The circus is) a great touring job for a musician... I can keep my things with me in my own room. But if I [ were ] touring with a Broadway musical, I'd be living out of two suitcases at a different hotel every night... Growing up, I thought that Elton John and I were the only two queers in the world." 

Snide Remarks

"I felt sorry for my friend Ryan, a talented and creative musician who has to play this wretched song on the keyboard at least seven times a week."